Anything Can Happen

Buffer Where there is vision, there is possibility. The major challenge of self-realization lies in our ability to tune into the subtle energy of cosmic creativity and become instrumental in channeling it ourselves. The key lies in staying attuned to this frequency in spite of everyday distractions. We can hope to achieve this blissful state […]

The Meaning of Love

Buffer I’ve always equated romantic love with inspiration and creativity that come from interacting with another. Which is why all I ever wanted in a romantic relationship was to inspire each other and create together.   For me, creation is the only meaning of love.    Last night the sad memory of a door being […]

fuck fucked love

Buffer How I miss the time when I didn’t have a clue who the man I loved was, the time when I’d think of him, and feel only endless, boundless love. So much love that I’d have to sing or dance or just laugh aloud with joy. The joy of having him in my life. […]