Wet Dreams

erotic poetry

Buffer I had wet dreams all night long, turning and tossing in my bed, in worship my mouth raved on your body, i think i might have heard you pled. I heard myself cry out and I heard myself moan, your prying hands and fingers just wouldn’t leave me alone. It was so real that […]

Sad Clown

Sad Clown Mark Holthusen Photography

Buffer I am me, that’s what I’ll always be although I may not always stay as you see me today. You see, this me transforms it tends to change shapes and even shift forms I live, I move, I grow sometimes the process of growing is slow. Like a crab that comes out of a […]

Alice in Wonderland

Mad Bunny by Yves Lecoq
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Mad Bunny

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Mad Bunny Buffer “You are quite a pleasant surprise. You make a good doobie”, said the Bunny as he took another drag of Alice’s giant joint. She shrugged her shoulders in indifference. The secret of a good joint is in the weed. Nothing more to it, […]

Making Up As I Go

Lost room - Creative Photography by Michal Fogke Huštaty

Buffer I thought I heard somebody call my name though i couldn’t see the man, only a hand written invitation delivered by a ram would be tiger – I almost mistook it for a citation. I must have imagined. Still, I put on my happy-go-lucky dress and a matching bag to impress, stuffing it with all my charms, spells and dreams. The address […]

It Is How It Feels

Gliding through the clouds with a whale shark - Erik Almas Dremascapes

Buffer As I glide above thick layers of puffy clouds I can see the world is a trully beautiful place. Rooftops and skyscrapers, mountains and seas, even cities with people humming like bees. I’ve packed my most precious belongings – rolling papers with a bag of weed, The Missing Piece Meets the Big O, one to […]

There Are Places I Know

Seeing The Galaxy For The First Time - Photography by Michael Shainblum

Buffer The man who knows that all words were already said by someone before, that there is nothing new under the sun, thinks I am the one who can take him some place new somewhere he’s never been thinks i can show him something new something he’s never seen. Ok, I can do that, just […]

The Last Lecture of Randy Pausch

The Last Lecture of Randy Pausch

“On September 18, 2007, Carnegie Mellon professor and alumnus Randy Pausch delivered a one-of-a-kind last lecture that made the world stop and pay attention. It became an Internet sensation viewed by millions, an international media […]

Off the White Cliffs

agios georgios beach limassol photography by tomasz huczek

Buffer I dive fearlessly into the cold blue water of the ocean, off the white cliffs of Cyprus. Last time I was here it was in my dreams, a still frame in time, an eternal moment of pure magic, highly charged with sexual energy that transcends to higher ground. I can recall vividly the igniting […]

In the Mother, in the Mother

Go your own Road ~ by Erik Johansson

Loose the metrics
Pretend the form don’t matter either
Dive into the void
With arms open wide
Initiate the mystery,
Take this sleeping angel for a ride.

Recently Landed

Buffer My flight landed recently, after a long, dreamy vacation into the fantasy world. It takes time to acclimatize back to normal. I still haven’t arrived completely. Parts of me have been retained there, as with any dream that grows on you, and is difficult to part with. But one by one, the pieces are […]