Poetic Exploration of the Heart

My Bad

He’d take one look at me
and see the birth of wrath,
walk through the mirror
and into my heart
He would deliver my tears, and after –
he’d convert my pain into laughter.

I thought he knew me better than anyone
Pure telepathy that friendship transcends
I thought that my crippled heart
was safe in his hands

I was wrong.

It hurt bad,
It hurt deep,
It hurt strong.

And as it happens when I am hurt,
I yelled and cursed and screamed,
acting like a King Kong
I hated him, and
I hated myself for being
a fool all along.

A few months passed.
“Why were you pissed off with me?”,
he asked.

It felt like a blow.
Did he really not know?

As he waited for my response
I thought for a moment,
feeling deeply sad.
What do I say to this, I wondered
“I must have been tripping
on our friendship…
My bad.”

Fleeting II – Photography by Cameron Sandercock

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