He’d take one look at me
and see the birth of wrath,
walk through the mirror
and into my heart
He would deliver my tears, and after –
he’d convert my pain into laughter.

I thought he knew me better than anyone
Pure telepathy that friendship transcends
I thought that my crippled heart
was safe in his hands

I was wrong.

It hurt bad,
It hurt deep,
It hurt strong.

And as it happens when I am hurt,
I yelled and cursed and screamed,
acting like a King Kong
I hated him, and
I hated myself for being
a fool all along.

A few months passed.
“Why were you pissed off with me?”,
he asked.

It felt like a blow.
Did he really not know?

As he waited for my response
I thought for a moment,
feeling deeply sad.
What do I say to this, I wondered
“I must have been tripping
on our friendship…
My bad.”

Fleeting II – Photography by Cameron Sandercock

Alien, alienated. That's me.

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