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Our World

Our World

We live in the matrix. A chaotic reality which we try to understand and master so as to be able to control it, as well as ourselves. It is a hard job, but each and every one of us has to do it. We live in and live out the pattern that is laid down before us, interlacing it with our own sets of dogmas, gathered and constructed to give our pattern some kind of meaning of accomplishment.

And all this in a world in which our own parents, flaw-full as they were made, teach us everything we need to know through their fears of disappointment.

We live in a messed up world where opposites combine all the time, where generalizations and exceptions are equally true, where everything simple is at once complicated… we live in a silly world! We live in a world of imprisonment and salvation. A world of constant transformation, modification. We live, wondering why, where, and how to live; while incessantly, relentlessly, and persistently wondering what to take – and what to give.

We live in the matrix, in a world of numbers and scores… doctorates and dollar signs and debts. A world of dates and days and deadlines. We live to go higher, get higher, and no one on any level is high enough. We live in a world where the answer is easy and impossible, where the only thing that we want is more and where the only thing that we need is less. Numbers don’t add up in this human matrix, this grand illusion of all illusions, where we share the same senses, but don’t make sense to each other, and worse: we don’t make sense to ourselves!

We live in a world of IQs and great thinkers. We live in a world of schools and grades and diplomas. We live in a world where our thoughts are our greatest weapon and our greatest battle. We live thinking that the more we think the smarter we are so we think a lot. We live in a world where people do awful things with their thoughts. We think this is awful and we keep on thinking. We simply don’t stop. We cannot disattach. If we do not become smarter, then we stand a chance to become wiser… but wisdom in such a world, is the loneliest place to be.

By Maya Delic

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