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Pluto Transits

Pluto Transits

Pluto Transits through the various signs are not equal. Depending upon the sign, Pluto may spend as little as 11 years in a sign or as much as 31. Depending upon where Pluto is at your birth, it may transit 3 to 6 houses during your lifetime.

So what is Pluto’s purpose in the scheme of things? Pluto transits natal houses and planets with one thing in mind, break down old structures and replace them with new structures. Unlike Saturn whose task it is to help one see and remove rigid behaviors and beliefs, Pluto operates in two phases; in the first phase, Pluto just moves in and tears things up. But, and this is very important, in the second phase of a Pluto transit a reconstruction of self takes place and a new more healthy structure is created. Before anyone thinks that there is something malefic about this process, it’s not that at all. This is exactly what is needed in order to evolve and grow, and what’s more its inevitable. Pluto will not be denied. All that one can do is to help these changes take place in a positive manner. The more we fight it, the harder it will be for us.

One author compares Pluto’s effects to the pressure that builds up in a dormant volcano that, unless there is some way to reduce the pressure, ends up blowing the top off the mountain and creating chaos for everyone.

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