Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Red Is The Color I Dread

This three headed dragon
I am trying to behead
is spitting out at me
scorching flames of red.

Red is the color I dread.

For one,
There is no going ahead
When traffic lights turn red.

But that’s the least of it.

Color red gives me the shivers
it makes me think of crimson rivers
of innocent blood that has bled
Heinous wars that were led
Crusades, then Jihad
all in the name of God
treacherous lies widespread
herds of people misled

Red is the color of life
hanging by a thread
Unbroken bread
children unfed
mothers who pled

Along the way
painted in red
are signs misread
Promises, to pieces shred
imortal lovers, unwed
dreams of tomorrow, all dead.

And when I close my eyes
and replay your words in my head
I can see that they too are

Photography by Bryce France

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