Došla sam da ti se predam
        i u tvojoj boli saosetim sebe.
        Udahnuću ti vetar vere u grudi,
        i proživeću sve opet,
        kroz tebe.

        Koliko posto mene si ti?
        Koliko tebe sam u stvari – ja?
        Odgovora nigde,
        a svugde –
        lebdi trajna iluzija ta.

      • PISCES

        I’ve come to surrender to you
        and feel myself in your pain
        To fill your lungs with faith
        be it in hope
        or in vain.

        How much of me is you?
        How much of you is me?
        The answer escapes,
        The rest is
        just an illusion.


Alien, alienated. That's me.

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