Poetic Exploration of the Heart


is just like his name
deep and fluid, and
with a sense of direction
just thinking about it
gives me an erection,
figuratively speaking.
Nobody knows how important
a sense of direction is,
after all is said and done,
than those of us who have none.

It’s not an easy fate
to live in the shadow of someone
as large and loud as Skye,
but in his quiet ways
River has learned to defy
his brother round by round
and always hold his ground.

He is that quiet stream that
cuts through the mountains
his flow steady and deep
and there isn’t much
you can keep
from him.
Unlike his brother
who doesn’t care,
River is very, very aware.

He is a very loving guy
and has a way of making me smile
he can always feel me,
especially when I feel shitty
he takes my face in his hands,
and he tells me I’m pretty.

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