Poetic Exploration of the Heart


In silence I listen to the sound of your sleep
A few stolen moments that I get to keep
I watch your body sway in rhythmic motion
Serene and distant, free of any notion
Maybe the sound of your even breathing
Can soothe the hunger that in me is seething
Maybe the metronome of your breath
Can lure my insomnia to an easy death.


Your sleepy breath slides down my neck
Stirring the serpent in my spine,
Sending vibrations up my back
Making me ache to make you mine.
Still I resist, but not for long
Enveloped in the cloak of your body heat
I descend into fever I can’t beat.
My hips as if welded to your waist,
My nipples burning into your chest,
My hair into your shoulders grows,
Entangled – our knees and feet and toes.

I close my eyes and imagine a scene
Where nothing and no one could intervene
While my tongue, as always compliant,
Sucks in your luscious, alabaster giant.
Between my legs, the burning itchiness breaks
A little rubbing against your knee is all it takes,
Swollen and sultry from desire, I come with ease –
Just one small jolt,
Yes, I am quite easy to please.

You sleep peacefully, unaware
Of all the furor I’ve had to bear.
So I get up and light a cigarette.
Inhaling deeply, I wonder about
That miserable substitute
For my hungry mouth.
Through a circle of smoke
Inexplicably sad,
I watch the contours of your body
Cut into my bed.

The intoxicating scent of your dream hovers
Like a dance of shadows around this room,
Making it impossible for me to find peace
Any time soon.

Photography by Andy Whitehouse

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