Poetic Exploration of the Heart


My name drops off your lips like honey
To be with me, time is not an issue or money,
You proffer your heart on the palm of your hand
Pledging to honor me until the end
But your heart has a mind of its own it seems
Its perfidious nature is hatching schemes
To keep meandering on and cast me aside
That it’s in its nature no solace can provide
The pain is excruciating going on chronic
The pain is insuperable, how ironic
Compelled to show you how it feels
I trade our home for a life on the wheels

But no heart it heals

Now all of us three bootless, vain and free
To loiter around on a foreign ground.
As if our home wasn’t as big and blue as sky
Airy sweet nest full of sweet sweetni.
A place where you could have been you night and day
But it wasn’t the candor that sent you off and away,
Your surreptitious nature demands extra space
To conceal its more than one sincere face.
So you do what you must to attain your lust
Even if it means annihilating trust
I do what I can to keep faith in men,
If one of us is happy, that must be you
I hang on to ambivalence; it’s the best I can do.

Photography by Andreas Smetana

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