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The Gemini Twins Dilemma

Gemini Twins Dilemma

When most people think of twins, they think of likeness, sameness and sharing. The word itself connotates images of similarities between siblings. Yet, for the Twins of Gemini, this symbolic representation of the sign, is in fact anything but cooperation.

There is much mythology surrounding the Gemini Twins of Castor and Pollux. What emerges is the dichotomy between the mortal twin Castor and the immortal twin Pollux.

Since Gemini is the sign of lower mind, almost always in mental conflict, we often attribute its observable mental inconsistencies to the mutability of the sign and its duality, as symbolized by the twins. Yet, if we study Gemini a little closer, we begin to see a much deeper-rooted conflict in the sign.

Most thoughts and actions in life, are not isolated, but instead, exist within a larger context. In fact, thought itself is usually contained within the larger context of attitudes. Thus, how an individual thinks in any given situation is the result of the attitudes they bring to it.

When we think of differences in attitudes, we often try to put opposing values on the same level, – perhaps because this makes comparison easy or more understandable. But, what if opposing attitudes or values are not on the same level?

What if the attitudes of the mortal twin Castor are on a different level than the immortal attitudes of Pollux? In this very same way, the conflicts of Gemini become a mental struggle between the mortal values of life, and the immortal values of something higher,- perhaps even an afterlife,- or lifetimes of reincarnation.

Yet if this exists, it is only half of Gemini that ascribes to it, for the mortal twin cannot understand anything other than the mortal planes of existence. As a result, Gemini constantly experiences this conflict between mortality and immortality, and thus develops extremely different attitudes in almost every area of existence.

The immortal twin is very concerned about trying not to create bad karma, because it conceives of a multi-life journey of the soul as its existence. Yet, the mortal twin has no such conscience, and as a result, disagrees with any deprivation of pleasure, or fear of consequence that it can avoid.

Thus, in Gemini, we see a battle between morals and immorality, between the tangible now and the need to earn soul creditentials. In the end, the immortal twin must win, because it sees the larger whole. Yet, the struggle is an intense one, often lasting many years and putting the Gemini individual into many polarized situations, where they are forced to take one side, then another as each twin battles for supremacy over the other.

This is why Gemini’s are so controversial. They are trying to understand life, and their place in it from two distinctly different vantage points. Each issue and each problem to be solved goes through this mortal-immortal scrutiny, until the Gemini mind decides if the issue is ultimately of mortal or immortal value.

What seems to be important is not necessarily the problem of the moment, but rather this dualistic scrutinizing on different levels, that eventually gives the Gemini mind, its uncanny ability to think.

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