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The Mysticism of Friendship

The Mysticism of Friendship

Just as meter is the measure of length, and gram is the measure of weight, in the same way trust is the measure of intimacy. And although most of us tend to go by our gut feeling in any initial interaction, long term trust is built over time, for we can only trust what we know, where we feel certain familiarity and ease.

I spent a few incredibly inspiring evenings with a very dear and old friend, with whom I had shared many precious, unforgettable moments over the course of the last 22 years. He is one of few people who know me really well, maybe even better than I know myself, as he always manages to bring out the best in me and inspire me to be at my best. He does this in a direct yet loving way, at first mercilessly teasing me about my shortcomings; then simply dismissing them by pointing out, “That is not you.” And every time he does this, it works. I believe him.

I trust him with my life; but more than that, I trust him with myself. I believe him to know me inside out, and in effect, to know what is best for me. Maybe that is because I know him well enough to know that we are on the same page, that we see things the same way. It seems to be so easy for him to offer his love to use as fuel for my dreams. Either way, when I am lonely, hurt, or in self-doubt, I can count on him to return me to myself, to remind me of who I really am when I need to be reminded of that. And in doing this he sets me free because homecoming is always liberating. To be able to reciprocate, to give back that same gift of freedom is the most rewarding experience for me.

Thanks, F, for this wonderful insight.

Photography by Manuela Kulpa

Manuela Kulpa

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