It all starts from afar
It all starts from within
Fueling dissipated life
To induce a little sin

Devious mind is yours to abide
The descent of heart is all mine
Like two numb virgins against the wind
Beset with virtue though none applied

So hard to recall the impregnable faith
That was my pride
That is my curse
So hard to forget the love
The kindness
That once was yours

The King is gone
To the edge of the world
He is restless like a caged bird
Under the Gods
Bastards are born
And laughing devils neatly suborn

And here we are
Two loners
Who’ve wandered aimlessly
In and out of each other’s heart
One meteor as we enter
The other as we depart
Two eternal moments
Presents of the Past to the Future
Shine through to delude time
That old insistent vulture.

Photography Edoardo Brotto


Alien, alienated. That's me.

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