• The Hermetic Library – A collection of texts and sites relating to Hermeticism in a broad sense.
  • Reality Sandwich – a magazine of ideas for the transformational community. Covering subjects like shamanism, non-local consciousness, visionary art, music, etc.
  • Meta History – oral traditions and dialogue on emergent communities in a planet-friendly future.
  • The Arcane Archive – a cache of usenet and other text files pertaining to occult, mystical, and spiritual subjects.
  • Muktabodha – the largest on-line digital library of Sanskrit texts in the world.
  • Erowid Vaults – online library containing thousands of pages of information about psychoactive drugs, plants, and chemicals, including entheogens, psychedelics…
  • Council on Spiritual Practices – Readings on religious experience, spiritual practices and traditions, and the use of psychoactive drugs to enhance religious experience.
  • Perseus Digital Library – a large, evolving digital library of ancient texts, engineering interactions through time, space, and language…
  • UBC SunSITE – online Latin to English and English to Latin dictionary, by the University of British Columbia.
  • Astrodienst – astrology website with free online charts, ephemeris, and other handy tools.
  • Maya Ethnobotanicals – an excellent shop where you can buy online various teacher plants and other shamanic tools.

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