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Basking for the Future

Basking for the Future

These past few days I have been immersing myself in the essence of the spring; completely soaked in the intoxicating scents lingering after the rain, the blossoming trees, freshly cut grass. As much as the sun has been generous with its light this spring, it has been callously stingy with warmth, so one is forced to go out, find a nice, quiet, sunny spot and take the bull by its horns. Basking in clear sunlight, with eyes fully closed, I’ve been trying hard to think of something more important to do.

The spring is my favorite season. It has the power to make me feel obsolete in my own skin. And that is always good. I watch (with my eyes fully closed) as the people walk by, some engaged in conversation, others lost in their own thoughts. Lazily, I crawl back to my basking spot, my nest, my shelter, and rinse all thought out of my overbearing mind with more of this day’s beautiful, sunny, fluid nothingness. I’m almost there, nirvana.

I’ll get there, eventually. And when I do, I’ll be radiating ultraviolet rays of heavenly bliss, which will transform everything around me, inside out. It will be the beginning of a new, liberating era in the history of mankind, celebrating kind men and forgiving women, and the creative power of their children to instigate an unbound future, for everyone.

So until I get there, leave me to my basking, please.

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