I imagine you’d know how to touch me, and where,
you would look into my eyes and see the moon there
locked inside each other, we remain for a while
You long, but are afraid to trace the contour of my smile.

So you reach out boldly for my breasts instead
Can you feel the fever rising in my head?
A single breath escapes me and fills you with hunger
my lips on your skin, both are getting younger.

Push open my legs, enter me, i’m yours,
fill me with the force of your lust and fire
Hold me down, my whole body arches
in longing to receive your throbbing desire.
Sucking on your lips I can taste a bit of blueberry haze
and blood entwine, heavily flavoured with something
that is impossible to define.

Using only your fingers
you draw a map so you wouldn’t forget
how you found your way here and how to find the way back.
And all over my body, slowly landmarks appear
love bites marking territory to that last frontier.

Photography by Napie Moksin

Alien, alienated. That's me.

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