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Me Am Always I

“I write of the wish that comes true — for some reason, a terrifying concept.” – James M. Cain

Whenever you think you want something, you’d better think twice, for your wishes are sure to be put to the test. Is it something you really want? For what reasons do you want it? How hard do you want it? How much are you willing to sacrifice for it? Those are all valid questions that should be considered before making the plunge, because nothing in this life comes free. Everything has a price tag attached to it, especially the granted wishes.

Unfortunately, once we get what we want, most of us discover that we are not happy in the new situation. But the bill is already being served and after emptying our pockets we are lucky to be left just broke, if not broken too. We cannot turn the clock backwards, but in such difficult moments, those who dare to look can at least get a glimpse of their true nature, and an opportunity to transform themselves by revising their value system, and as a consequence, their attitude. As painful as it is, it is also a giant step toward authenticity.

Authenticity being the key word in my own private belief system. It is the concept that serves as my guide when I get lost and my support when I falter. Like a code or a password that grants access, like a mantra that leads you into a meditative state, or a magick word that invokes power. That is authenticity to me. It is the Rome to which all the roads lead. The final goal to all my journeys. The true answer to all my dilemmas.

Yet, it is a quality hard to find. We all search for it, but only a few find it. Only a few think to look for it within, where it is, where it has always been. For authenticity is not acquired, but realized, once we begin the journey of self-realization.

Authenticity comes with knowing that we already are all that we need to be.

The Time Is Always Now.

Me Am Aways I.

Photography by Pedro Fernández

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