I am me,
that’s what I’ll always be
although I may not always stay
as you see me today.
You see, this me transforms
it tends to change shapes
and even shift forms

I live, I move, I grow
sometimes the process
of growing is slow.
Like a crab that comes out
of a little stone crack
going one step forward
then two steps back

but there are times when
like mushrooms after the rain
my thoughts spring and
are hard to constrain
soul fills with longing
heart fills with dreams
and before you know it
they are hatching schemes

and before you know it
the walls are down
and the only one left
in this ghost of a town
is a lonely sad clown

once long ago
he used to spread joy
he’d fold the world in half
just to see people laugh
He was full of magic
like a tooth fairy
now he is old, drunk
and scary.

Photography by Mark Holthusen

Alien, alienated. That's me.

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