Poetic Exploration of the Heart

The Water


I have a special connection with the Water. I need to live close to it so that I can take my “water walks” and recharge my batteries in its proximity.

To me, the imposing vastness of the Ocean and its unpredictability are as disturbing as they are intriguing. And as much as the Ocean’s presence can energize me, it can just as easily depress me.

I prefer the River because the River flows, it never stops, it is an eternal traveler, like the Wind.

The River never changes its substance, just its shape.

The River is responsive. It responds to its surroundings.

Sometimes its flow is vigorous and brisk; its ways brutal. Just think of the deafening noise of the rushed flood sparkling and foaming against the narrow, rocky banks, culminating in a magnificent thundering waterfall.

At other times the River is quiet and placid. When the stream reaches the docile flat valleys that call for reflection, the River may even seem to be idle. But it is not. With its gentle flow, it cuts through the highest of mountains.

The rhythmic sound of the River reaches out into the darkest corners of my soul and cleanses it and purifies it and fills it with light and hope for new beginnings.

Photography by Adrian Borda

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