Poetic Exploration of the Heart

What Scares Me More

What Scares Me More

The twisting of knife
Left stabbed in my chest
To keep the wound raw
There can be no rest
I do the work myself
You merely help
With words so perfect
Undone by acts
The perfect means
To conceal facts

What scares me more

If the history has a tendency
Itself to repeat
Then what lies ahead
Is a life of lies and deceit

What scares me more

What scares me more
Than having to endure
Than having to live
With this uninvited pain
What scares me more is giving in
To the tears lost in the rain
Giving up, letting go, leaving behind
Letting it disappear into oblivion
And far away from my mind

What scares me more
A heart free from woe
Is stripped of its shield
And foolish to risk losing everything
That’s what scares me more

The slug of my heart
Given half the chance
Would jump the wall
Arms open wide in a free fall
And there you’ll be the first of men
With a foot ready to squash it again

Nothing scares me more.

Artistic surreal photo manipulation by Sarolta Ban

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