Fight for Your World, Not Your Country

I was raised to believe that being a patriot is a virtue. Growing up, I learned that it is a very thin line between patriotism and nationalism, when I saw “my country” eradicated from the map in a civil war. (If you are still wondering, I am ex-Yugoslavian.)

I’ve heard all the arguments. I agree that our roots, language, religion and traditions are important, but I refuse to put those values above the basic principles of humanity. The moment you do that, you lose the freedom to explore the world and the opportunity to experience it in its full beauty.

As long as we keep identifying with the colours of our flags, we will have something to fight for. Our planet is the one thing we all have in common. I’d say it’s worth uniting for.


  1. leebee112 says:

    Totally with you on this one,l Don’t partake in flag waving but will fight like he’ll for our Bees
    I live in a country that has spent many years taking over other countries now we join hands and bomb the life out of others in the name of freedom.
    I don’t feel in my heart any pride or love for my country intact I feel ashamed of it.
    I feel ashamed of how we treat others and Mad as he’ll the we we treat Our world
    Our obsession with celebrity Whilst we are paying no attention to or listening to the
    World telling us we can’t continue any longer in the way mistreat it.
    Disrespect it.:@

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