I watch the tall man outside
under a giant umbrella
as he watches… something.
Drop by drop, pop by pop,
my window gets infected
with the blisters of rain.
One bolt of lightning
it would have all been in vain.

I still see the man.
Dunno if he’s hiding from the rain
or something else
under that giant umbrella
to me he looks more like
a Cinderella who’s lost her shoe.

Only he’s not missing a shoe,
he’s wearing long rubber boots
up to his hip
Is he ready to take a dip?
Or is he so confused,
this man who has a thing about shoes,
this alpha Cinderella…

I wonder…
Is he really the Storm Spinner
like the title says, and
what’s he waiting for
to spin another storm?
Could it be that the Storm Spinner
has had it with the storms?
When he looks to the sky what does he see?

I sure hope it’s not me.

I’m tucked away safely in my little world,
soundproof windows, double-glazing
to even think he could get through to me
is fucking amazing.

The storm spinner  – Photo credit: Caras Ionut

Alien, alienated. That's me.

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