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All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love

Love transcends structured systems of logical thought, and all teachings regarding love should be abandoned, even this teaching. A fundamental tactic employed by elite control institutions throughout human history has been to teach as though they have a way to logically articulate love. Humans, who have always been aware of the vulnerability that accompanies love, have allowed government, religion, and culture define what is socially acceptable regarding how to love, when to love, where to love, etc. The question that must be asked of these control institutions is ‘What was your motivation capitalizing on our inability to logically define love and offering your subjective interpretations?’ Upon analysis, we see this was another survival-based behavior exhibited by the elite, who were aware of the fact that emotional directives still hold the power to supersede all of their malicious mimetic engineering. All of this fear regarding love stems from this one fundamental truth:

The law of attraction is capable of transcending any other behavioral directive, from mimetic morality to genetic self-preservation. Love is the most powerful intention we have ever witnessed, exceeding even our own genetic desire to exist.

To transcend this fear and say ‘all you need is love,’ is to give in to the will of a higher intention. Many humans found their identity on morality and permanence, and will reject the vulnerability associated with this behavioral directive. The results could be terminal.

Here’s a video of Osho talking about the relationship between Love and Hate.

Forced growth never found safe haven.Some would say Love is need.Lasting love grows on purpose.

Ancient Greek has the words philia, eros, agape, and storge, meaning love between friends, romantic/sexual love, sacrificial (unreciprocated) love, and affection/familial love respectively. This is an epoch when it seems Mars has had a dominant influence on humans on planet Earth for many millenia (say 5000 years). Yet love is mainly attributed to Venus?

Various different types of love exist, which are more or less related:

1. love between family members: parent’s love of children, etc.

2. love of friends

3. romantic love

4. sexual love

5. loving one another in general

6. loving something abstract or inanimate

7. loving All

And also limerence that most all of us have delved into at some time or another, and relates to something much deeper than it might seem.

Bodhicitta may be defined, approximately, as the simultaneous- arising of spontaneous and limitless compassion for all sentient beings,- falling away of the attachment to the illusion of a separate self.

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