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A Rune Reading

A Rune Reading

This rune is a branch full of fruits, an alchemical moment that had to have happened. With joy comes a new energy; energy that until now was hidden and blocked. However, the process of birth is long and hard, and the fate of new life often seems uncertain. Crises, difficult moments, even if short, are to be expected. It is a time when you need to be considerate and thoughtful because light and dark are still very intertwined. Doubts and scruples may easily disrupt your happiness if you do not take them as timely and useful for your growth. Seen in the right light, everything is temptation. Stay focused on the present, honest with the people who surround you, and have faith in the process that is taking place within.

Just like Saturn, its astrological counterpart, Nauthiz is a great teacher disguised into someone who brings us great suffering and limitations. Maybe it is so because only when we are in total darkness we can begin to see the light that is inside us, the light that brings out our true creative power. You are being asked to walk the darker side of your road and learn to handle your anger, control your impulses, and keep your faith. Modesty and good nature are called for.

Perth is a rune of the unknown, and indicates all that is beyond our manipulative powers. It is associated with the mystical bird Phoenix, which burns down only to be reborn in its own ashes. In the same way, it can transform one’s personal integrity, especially that which is masked or hidden. Finally, the way a person becomes whole is quite mysterious.In worldly concerns, good surprises and unexpected gains are possible. In regard to human nature, this rune is symbolized by the flight of an eagle, high and uninterrupted flight that takes one over the endless high and low tides of everyday life, giving him a much greater view. This is the rune of soul searching.

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