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God, for me, is everything and nothing; both male and female principle, one and many, everything you can see and everything you can’t see. God is within each one of us, and each one of us is – of God. Every person carries within himself the power and the knowledge needed to live out his own destiny. In other words, only you are empowered to empower yourself.

Religion is one’s relationship with God, and in effect, the most intimate of relationships, so it should always keep evolving.
No master can perform initiations nor confer grades for attainment. In my opinion, initiations can only be conferred by the personal Higher Self.
‘Free will’ and ‘destiny’ are the same as ‘acting’ and ‘reacting’. When we react to the outer world, we are just tracing the predestined steps of our life. When we are acting with awareness, we are using free will to mold our fate.

In accepting the infinity of God’s manifestation, one should easily find tolerance for all that would, otherwise, be impossible to comprehend.

Astrology, I Ching, Tarot, Runes, Magic, etc. etc. These are all just different cosmic languages created by the Creator to help one learn along the way. One is not better than the other, their power lies solely in the hands of their master and his or her ability to understand and interpret the symbols of the universe.

Entheogens are the teachers of the highest order and should only be used to teach the students of the highest order. If abused, they abuse the abuser back. If used with respect, for one’s spiritual evolvement, they will bring invaluable insights, higher understanding, and leave the individual more balanced and tranquil.

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