Imagination on the loose
is a blessing and a curse
it invites trouble
it makes one into double.

But how does one break free from freedom?

How do you deny a heart’s plight
or close eyes to sight?
The more I try the harder it gets
to find the words
If only now I could fly –
I call for the birds
to carry me above and away
from bad, bad thoughts, from this mind
that is starting to connect the dots.

And they do,
and I rise
high above the sun
and from up above i can see
you, the double one
and i wouldn’t want to change you
in any way
but i really suck at games
that lovers play

I suppose I never took the time
to learn the rules
I always thought that those who play
are stupid fools

Now I see the only fool
in this piece of sky
hanging onto the birds
am I.

The Seed of Freedom – Photography by Adrian Borda

Alien, alienated. That's me.

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