Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Wrong Or Right

If you are a giver,
don’t let anyone tell you
that you should think twice
before you give
or that you should ration
your heart’s desire
and watch out who you love
or how you live.

If you are a giver,
do what you do best:
give them all you have,
and when they think
you’ve got nothing left,
give them the rest.

Some people are good with the words
others are good with the deeds.
There are those who are self-absorbed
and those who are sensitive to others’ needs.

Some people dwell on the past
and some live for tomorrow
Some of us naturally lead, and some
of us naturally follow.

I wish we could turn the tables
Stop judging, stop using labels
If you look into your heart
you’ll see that there’s no wrong or right,
there’s just you and me
free to love, free to grow, free to be

Let me show you the me that I am
and lets fight a good fight
just hang on to the you who you are,
and we’ll be all right.


The Passing – Photo manipulation by Nikos Bantouvakis

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