Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Ovan / Aries

      • OVAN

        Svestan svoga postojanja
        i podređen samo sebi,
        bez iskustva i bez straha
        okrenuo se meni:

        “Došao sam da te probudim
        da tvoje telo pokrenem ritmom,
        da tvoje oči obojim vetrom,
        da tvoju dušu ispunim vatrom!

        Nemoj da te je strah
        od izmišljenih peščanih dina!”

        Ovan zna da ljubav
        na kraju kao i na početku,
        ostaje nevina.

        On samo ne zna 
šta je to
        p o v e r e n j e.

      • ARIES

        Utterly aware of his existence
        demanding that his needs be met
        Without experience and without fear
        Aries’ objectives are clearly set:

        “I’ve come to awake you from deep sleep
        to move your body with desire,
        to color your eyes with the wind,
        to fill your soul with fire!

        Let’s ban procrastination,
        let’s forbid indolence!”

        Aries knows that love,
        in birth as in death,
        breathes innocence.

        He just can’t fathom the concept of
        t r u s t.

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