“Vidi šta ja imam!”
        – uzviknula je ushićeno,
        pokazujući na poklon
        koji joj je on doneo s puta:
        torbu punu ljubavi!

        “Presvući ću njome
        sva svoja čula
        u najšarenije boje,
        ali mu nikada neću oprostiti
        svo dugo čekanje
        i strepnje moje!”

      • TAURUS

        “Look what I have!”
        – Taurus exclaimed
        showing off the gift
        she received from afar:
        a basket full of love.

        “I’ll use this love
        to dress up my senses
        in colorful plating,
        but I shall never forgive you
        for all the longing
        and all the waiting.

Alien, alienated. That's me.

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