On oseća…
        i oseća…
        toliko da ponekad boli.
        Slab je, i u strahu
        da nijedan stranac
        neće znati takvog
        da ga voli.

        Oko njega oseka vere i plima osećanja,
        u njemu neponuđena nežnost i voda.
        Zatvorio se u svoju tvrđavu i ne zna
        da je ljubav pre svega sloboda.

      • CANCER

        He feels…
        and feels….
        so much that at times it hurts.
        Alone and alienated
        keeping track of all that’s his,
        he fears that no one would ever
        love him for what he is.

        Surrounded by a rise of feeling and a tide of faith
        he hides in the highest castle of his kingdom
        It’s because he has no clue
        that love is all about freedom.

Alien, alienated. That's me.

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