Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Van Gogh


You are the one for me
you will have me be
all I need to be
and yes! you know it too
I’ve tried so hard
to get to you

So many times I tried to catch your eye,
from sunny clouds high up in the sky
but you always find a way
another way to stay away

while my guitar gently weeps

Days, days are passing by
I’m still here
hoping that I will find
you, you know that love is blind –
there’s no way to get you off my mind

Silent are talking
desert is soaking
honest are lying
happy are crying
losers are winning
and saints are sinning
Angels are weeping
– she is still sleeping

just leave a clue
if you mean to do
anything about leaving me in doubt

While my guitar gently weeps….

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