One goes through life meeting all kinds of people.
(I’ve already elaborated on that, a few scenes back.)
But the point is, so many of those people
– though only a few will admit –
freely disperse their shit
in such a discriminating way,
it’s hard to look away.

Bullshit is present
in present
and future
and past,
so one must learn and learn fast.
And I am telling you this, Alice,
cause I feel that I should;
after all, it’s for your own good:

Be selective and pick wisely
those whose bullshit you’ll hear.
Obviously to you they will be dear.
So give them time, there is no rush…
But when they’re done, don’t forget to flush.


Why… thank you, Mad Bunny,
I find it funny
that you find it fit
to freely disperse your shit…
But if you’re done with erm… your presentation,
Here, I’ll give you a standing ovation.

Oh my, did I just get you to blush???
I guess this is a big one to flush.


Photograph from the series Mad Bunny by Yves Lecoq

Alien, alienated. That's me.

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