The One


Not sure if I ever believed in the one.

The one I’ve been waiting for all along
The one who makes me feel I belong
The one who makes my heart skip a beat
The one who knocks me off my feet.

The one who makes others pale in comparison,
and God knows I’ve had it with the dull reruns.
The one who is predestined by karmic ties
to obliterate all past and future ones.

Not sure if I ever believed in the one.

I’ve thought about it long and hard,
considered every angle and side,
but however you choose to look at it,
monogamous love is a loony concept,
it’s bat shit crazy, you have to admit.


Oh, but I am Mad Bunny,
Lunatic is my middle name
And bat shit crazy is just my thing.
Watch me as I kneel down in style
and blind you with a diamond ring.


Wow…! I am honored.
Your marriage proposal is such an upsy daisy
You obviously believe I can match your bat shit crazy –
That alone is a compliment I can only hope to repay, someday.

And I have to say, man…
you are the craziest Mad Bunny I’ve met so far!
I never knew a Mad Bunny could be such an old fashioned guy.
You are crazy beyond my wildest expectations
(not that I have any expectations, that’s not my scene,
but you know what I mean.)

And you, my dear Mad Lunatic Bunny,
you may be bat shit crazy and undone,
but you are at least three levels above
in the game of finding the one.

My name is Alice, and I seem to have outgrown myself
traveling through this Never-Fucking-Land.
In the beginning I was small and looking for the one
but I have grown since, and looking back
the only thing worth remembering is the fun.

And fuck, a girl’s gotta know when to draw a line.
So your kind proposal I must regretfully decline.
Don’t take it personally, and
good luck with your quest, I wish you only the best.
I respect and salute your search for the one, I’ll even light you a candle,
but at this point in life I need to focus on me,
I am all the one I can handle.


Photograph from the series Mad Bunny by Yves Lecoq

Alien, alienated. That's me.

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