Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Upside Down

Imagine waking up one day to find
the world has turned upside down
in every possible way…

What was right has become left,
what was abundant is now bereft
and remember has turned to forget
just like that

Polarities are never in contradiction
the truth is rooted deeply in fiction
Here followers lead, and leaders follow
our yesterday will happen tomorrow

The more you try, the less you succeed
The more you give, the less you need
The further you go, the closer you come
when you are two, you are still one

It’s a crazy world out there,
wise will back down, and fools will dare
A bon vivant will refuse good wine
while health nuts wait for fastfood in line
No wonder, Kosher foods are being served in Mac
but to get to the front you must go to the back

And then…
Naughty, bad children are loudly praised
while good kids are being grounded
and all those who are proper and square
have suddenly become nicely rounded

Deafening silence is bursting with sound
all shit that floats had somehow drowned
lies that are spoken come out as true
there are no differences between me and you

What never has been is now again
soft spoken women and big strong men
soft spoken women and big strong men
soft spoken women and big strong men

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