Poetic Exploration of the Heart


The first things that come to mind
when I think of innocence
are boldness and lack of experience.
The lack of experience
believe it or not
can be the greatest advantage
that some of us have got.

Take for one my sweet son:
the first time he sat on a bike
with just two wheels
he rode off pushing the pedals
with his heels.
He was so eager
his mind was set
He didn’t know
that you can’t ride a bike
just like that.

I wanted to tell him
that he’d have to practice
and learn,
but it was too late,
he disappeared from view
in one swift turn.

If only I could, just like that
unlearn my lessons
my limits forget
I’d be so daring
I’d be willing to go
where no one has ever gone before

But as it goes,
over the course of the years
I’ve accrued quite a few souvenirs
reminding me to trust in my fears.
I still sometimes dive into the deep
but now I look before I leap.

As I wait for my son
to come back with his new bike
I remember how frisky I was,
we are so much alike.
I remember with longing
those bright, shiny days
when I too felt omnipotence.

If I could,
I’d go back in time
If I could,
I’d design a transmission line
for the powerful bliss of ignorance –
It’s where I lost my innocence.

Breaking the rules II  – Photo manipulation by Caras Ionut

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