Poetic Exploration of the Heart



Burning bridges, turning new pages, it’s all becoming a bore…
Nothing surprising – Been there, done that, so many times before.
And just as people around me started to turn invisible,
I came across someone who turned out to be so… kissable.

And that changes everything.

Cause when you find someone you really, really want to kiss
someone who smells good, feels right, takes you into a state of total bliss,
Someone who somehow knows how to kiss you with his eyes and hands and soul
in a way that forces you to surrender control –

Well, that’s something.

Love starts by healing you from inside
until you’re back to being hopeful and big-eyed.
It’s a wonderful feeling that corrupts you from within,
and before you know it, you are ready to gamble all you’ve got,
you are all in.

You have to reach out if you want to receive
and above all, you must be willing to believe
that you deserve something so precious, so special, and rare,
I guess it’s how eventually you will get there.

Either that, or take the other way –
use your head, remember what’s at play.
Smarten up and take the wind out of your sails,
You know you are too old to believe in fairytales.

What your heart sees as a sign could be a mere coincidence.
You can’t turn a blind eye
 to reason and experience.
You can’t pretend you don’t know better when you do.
You can’t lie to yourself about something that is true.

It’s a broken world out there and nothing about it is fixable,
but that’s impossible to see when you fall in love with someone
who is so… kissable.

But this time, at least,
if I take a chance on love I know that it will mean
that I am headed straight to guillotine.

And it seems that I am,
aware and willing.

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