I thought I heard somebody call my name
though i couldn’t see the man,
only a hand written invitation –
I almost mistook it for a citation.
I must have imagined. Still,
I put on my happy-go-lucky dress and
a matching bag to impress,
stuffing it with all my charms, spells and dreams.
The address written by hand
was wrong, so it seems.

The house was there all right
but something about it was not right.
I searched all around
for the door I couldn’t find,
thought I was losing my mind.
I picked up my happy-go-lucky bag
heavy with dreams, spells and charms,
just one look at it and I could feel
pain growing in my arms.

Well, I thought, I’ve come this far,
I might as well give it another try,
and with a piece of chalk I had fun,
drawing a door where there was none.

Photography by Michal Fogke Huštaty

Alien, alienated. That's me.

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