Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Where Are You Now?

Where are you now
you poets
you rebels
you punks
you sorry ass drunks
you hippies
you loners
you inert stoners

Where are you now
you sweet-talking users
promisciouos djs
substance abusers
Where are you now
you anarchists
you freeloaders
you faithful
you altruists
you doctors without borders

Where are you now
you queers
you queens
you undecided in betweens
you strong silent machos
real alpha males
you neat and tidy
big on details

Where are you now
you sweet darling dolls
you sexy fuckers,
bad boys with balls
Where are you now
you gamblers
go getters
adrenaline addicts
trend setters
you clowns
you bitches
you praying on riches

Where are you now
you self-centred artists
with Peter Pan syndrome
you, loved and lost
to Heaven’s Kingdom
you legends
you perverts
you dreamers
you doers
you decadent writers
you wild freedom fighters

Where are you now
you so called friends
you uniquely weird, and
you following trends
you suckers
you lovers
you players
you rockers
you ravers!

There’s no one around…
I’m all alone
on this deserted

Photography by Adrienn Balaskó

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