Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Remember to Forget

Here it comes.
Tsunami of thoughts unspoken,
like a beam from the blaster,
can it come through
at the rate of 48 words per minute
I can’t type any faster.

I must
Remember to forget
Remember to forget
Remember to forget
and this isn’t over just yet.

I laugh at my reflection in the mirror
as I catch happy thoughts, like butterflies, around the room.

I am putting my overalls.
Yes it’s going to get dirty,
lots of unearthing to do.
Just by scratching the surface,
I can tell –
there are millions of stories untold,
and worlds still unexplored.

You say that promises are to be broken
so here, I’m giving you one as a token.
Go ahead, break it.

As if I give a fuck.


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Alienated Me

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