Poetic Exploration of the Heart

There Are Places I Know

The man who knows that
all words were already said
by someone before,
that there is nothing new under the sun,
thinks I am the one
who can take him some place new,
somewhere he’s never been.
Thinks i can show him something new,
something he’s never seen.

Ok, I can do that,
just let me put on my hat,
the one that can turn any cat
into the Puss in Boots
at the speed of light.
Isn’t that a sight?

There are places I know
where we can watch the fish dive out of the sea,
transforming into birds as they fly over our heads,
turning into flowers as they land at our feet,
blooming in your hand as you pick them for me.

There are places I know
where the winds from the north
blow so strong and so long
that people start going mad.
And other places I know
where it rains for days and nights
and months, and years, and lifetimes
and people are sad and wet and hungry.
We won’t go there.

There are other places I know
where it’s against the law to go out in public
without a smile.
Maybe we can go there together
wearing nothing but a smile.

There are places I know
where it’s obligatory to be who you are
and do what you want to do
all the time.

I don’t know about you,
but I’ve been entertaining this idea for some time –
I’d like to keep bees
and grow beautiful psychedelic flowers
and let the bees feast on them
and then make magical honey
that has the power to heal
a broken heart.

Like I said,
I don’t know about you,
but that’s what I’d like to do

There are places I know
where people always say what they mean
and mean what they say,
where you can still smell strawberries
in the beginning of June
and freshly cut grass in the air.

There are places I know
where nobody has any secrets
because nothing is worth hiding
and nobody cares anyway
since all are the same
and know that they are
all the same.

There are places I know
where at night you can see the stars,
the constellations
and the milky way
and if we go there soon,
we might even see the face of the moon.

But I’ don’t care much about
seeing the face of the moon anymore
I’ve seen it before
and as you know, it ain’t that pretty.
I’d just like to enjoy this ride
so put on your boots, you,
Kitty, kitty, kitty…


Thanks Kevin Walsh

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