Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Taming the Beast

The worst thing you can do
when faced with a beast
is act like a deer.
Look at him straight in the eyes
show him no fear.

Hold his gaze, make him see
his reflection in your eyes,
let him know you can see
right through his disguise.

I learned this from a book
that I read as a child,
a book about taming tigers
and other animals of the wild.

This book also taught me
the language only the animals know,
a secret that’s been guarded
since long time ago.

I read it
like only a child can read
soaking in every word
that’s why today
i can speak with a wolf,
a bear, and a bird.

But speaking
the language of the beast
and keeping at bay your fears
are no guarantees

If you want to tame the beast
you have to get down in grime
and stay there for some time.

When you look at him
and hold his gaze
as time flies
you might see
your own reflection
in his eyes.

Someone once told me
that a beast
is best reflected
by a beast.
He’ll stare right back at you
demanding to be released.

It has no bearing at all
whether you’re a saint
or a sinner
just as you can never know
who’s the beast
and who’s the dinner.

Though in this case
I have to say –
you eating me
or me eating you…
i don’t mind either way.

Photo manipulation by Caras Ionut

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