Poetic Exploration of the Heart

People Like Me

When people like me
run into people like you
it’s an opposites attraction, and
there isn’t much one can do
Just watch the sparks fly
while they fly
between you and i
make the most of it before it’s gone
all the good times are just a loan
the better the times
the higher the interest rate,
I end up with more
than I can chew on my plate.

When people like me
run into people like you
it’s a head on collision,
the one you can’t undo.
Hearts have fallen, and minds are set
both are willing to make the bet
The more faith you have
the higher the stakes
The giver gives, the taker takes.
It’s a process that cannot be forsaken
until all is given and all is taken.

And in the end…
it’s always difficult to comprehend
how something that could have been so right
could go so wrong
and how delicate really is
what we thought was strong
It would be funny if it wasn’t sad
how now, after love is dead
people like me feel sorry for people like you
even after having paid the price it cost
because you have no idea of what you’ve had
or what you’ve lost.


Photo manipulation by Martin Smolak

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