Poetic Exploration of the Heart

The Queen of Death

Release. Let go. Trust. Set sail. Set sail.
One thing becomes another in the Mother in the Mother.
Ripen the black moonstone soul gem
polished in the Underworld to a brilliant dark sun;
remembering that laughter is to experience of death
what tuning is to timelessness…

The Queen of Death calls one to enter into the sanctuary of self, the arms of enclosing darkness. The tunnel at the entrance always seems dark at first. A sign that it would be best to consciously undergo the process of alchemical refinement in the darkness of the Underworld. To experience this process in the Underworld implies feelings of being exposed, naked, vulnerable or raw, which can be perceived as unbearable, ruthless, painful or unfair to the extent that one is not in trust of the Divine within and the process of letting go, completing or entering into conscious death.

Trust is the direct distance dial to the Divine and each other. Without trust, there is simply no connection, no real relationship. When trust is apparently broken, the connection feels like a jagged, broken bottle. To be able to consciously trust, one must be able to answer the question, “What is real?”

The Queen of Death calls us to trust that whatever is manifesting in our life, no matter how apparently dark, is serving our deepening and wholeness. We are asked to consciously surrender and enter the stillness and silent retreat of the Underworld.

Trust. Release. Dissolve. Shed. Resolve. Complete. Liberate. Free.

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