There seems to be a strong connection
between one’s luck and his sense of direction.
In other words,
there must be something that pulls your strings,
something that happiness brings.
If you ever hope to get any luck
there must be someone,
there must be something
about which you give a fuck.

But not so fast,
lady luck isn’t so easily done.
And keep in mind, her MO is hit and run.
So no matter how experienced you get
nothing will ever prepare you for that.

And lets not forget
the more you give a fuck
the more you feel like a total schmuck –
‘Cause the more you care, the more you fear
that what you care for will disappear.

Which brings me to something
that must be recognized:
Fear is the worst enemy one can have,
fear can leave you paralized.
Be bold, dare to go out and break the rules,
And don’t you worry, God has a
very special providence for fools.

Do your thing, it’s far better to be a fool.
Be fearless, be persistent,
and above all, keep your cool.
When you are cool you’ll find
that right there by your side
is Lady Luck.
And she’ll stay there, on you stuck
as long as you don’t give a fuck.

Alien, alienated. That's me.

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