Poetic Exploration of the Heart


is just like his name
open and wide and blue,
and when at times clouds
get in the way
the wind comes
to blow them away,
usually in less than a day.

Some say that Skye
looks like his dad
and maybe on the outside
he does, a little,
but if you look real close
and on the inside
you’d be blind not to see
that Skye is just like me.

He is gifted with the presence
that calls for attention, but
can’t wrap his mind around
the concept of convention.

Fast to make friends
and not afraid to make enemies
he gets into conflict fast, but
naturally leads
in all directions…
He is the winner of any race,
he knows no limits,
he is all over the place.

Skye is my guy.
can’t even say this
without a sigh…
He is the self-revolving Sun
mischievous, daring, crazy and fun.
No sense for others around him,
that skill he has yet to acquire
and that is his only undoing
that makes this Dragon spit fire.

One time, in a London pub,
he was about two,
and a little girl he played with
said something that’s very true.
She looked at Skye with her big eyes,
and said, “He is too big for his size!”
and that would be the best way
for me to summarize
Skye, my special guy.

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