Poetic Exploration of the Heart



When I look at world around me, I see disarray
Never before have I pictured things to be this way
It all flows like milk and honey, but it smells like shit
that’s why always it’s the good guy who pays with his wit

I am one and you’re another, we’re not all the same
After one, it’s two and three that join in the game
There are many different numbers if you feel alone
Listen only to your feeling when you pick your own

You’ll never break me
love me leave me eat me hate me
and try to manipulate me
I don’t ever wanna see you
and I never wannna hear you
tell me that I’m stuck
I don’t give a fuck

Give us just a little more light so that we can see
maybe then we’ll understand all things that we can be
Twisting my head all the way up, I look to the sky
I won’t be a part of all this, I wave you goodbye

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