Poetic Exploration of the Heart



we are yin and yang
like Bonnie and Klyde
like Demi and Bruce
like battle and truce
we are yin and yang
like the sun and the snow
like the high and the low
and what do I know
we are yin and yang
like black and white
like wrong and right
like left and right
we are yin and yang
like stand up and sit
like fragrance and shit
and that’s about it
like love and hate
like will and fate
like early and late
like a hook and a bait
like coffee and cream
like despair and a dream
like silence and sound
like square and around
just like o.k.
just like night and day
just like leave and stay
just like work and play
like ceiling and floor
like less and more
like peace and war
and so much more
like hello and goodbye
like where and why
like laugh and cry
like you and I
like old and new
like through and through
like one and two
like me and you
like shame and pride
like rise and tide
like narrow and wide
like brothers and sisters
like misses and misters
like elders and youngsters
they all love sex!

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