Poetic Exploration of the Heart



When those weird ideas
start to fly out through my head
soon enough they make me wonder
am I really going mad
do I see things
do I hear things
do I feel things and do I…
do I really trust in people
do I think I know them well?


          • and sometimes I am dumbfounded
            with the way people are rounded
            sometimes it’s so hard to feel reality
            truth will make you see the way
            truth won’t leave you much to say
            sometimes it’s so hard to feel reality.
          • .
            truth is never given gladly
            truth can often hurt you badly


adios my little darling

who is left and who is right and
who is up and who is down
who is watching, who is flerting
who is happy, who is hurting
who will use me, who will bruise me
who will face me and embrace me
who will buy me and apply me
who will fry me, then imply me


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