Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Alice and the Mad Bunny

Social Chameleon

I’ve traveled wide and far
from Cape Town to Big Ben
from Graceland to Mumbai
I’ve met so many men
Multitude of faces
different countries, races
Each with their traditions,
customs and religions,
contradicting laws,
opposing opinions.

And then,
if at all possible
things even further to dishevel,
you have to consider that –
on a more personal level,
beyond the color of skin
and sexual inclination,
beyond the language they speak
and the flag of their nation,
beyond all those genetically inherited traits
a pattern of personal variables still awaits –
like past experiences,
natural affinities and
acquired tastes.

When it comes to people
It’s wise to remember
that they are peculiar and diverse
And every person feels entitled
to their own thoughts, beliefs
and views.

From monks to soldiers
From kings to beggars
I’ve seen so many different fates.
Playing by ear, I always find
something that to me relates.

If you are like me,
and you like to be liked by all,
you will need to master the art
of always playing a different role.
The others will love you
and think you are dear
as long as you tell them
what they want to hear.

If you are like me,
and you like to be adored
being authentic
isn’t something you can afford.
Being yourself is not an option,
and you must take special precaution 
It’s important to consider
the personal equation –
which is why I have one me
custom-tailored for every occasion.

It all depends on the company –
sometimes I am an ogre
sometimes an elf.
One thing you can count on me to do –
is reinvent myself!

Still watching the Mad Bunny from the door, Alice started clapping her hands as she stepped into the room.

The Mad Bunny was taken aback. “How long have you been standing there?” he asked.

“Long enough.” Alice sat down in her favorite armchair as she sized him up. “And here I thought you were this wonderfully unique, authentic individual, a crazy, self-indulging artist…” She sighed. “Fuck! What was that all about? Are you a social chameleon or the Mad Bunny?”

“That depends on who’s asking.” The Mad Bunny replied, biting his tongue immediately. He cursed himself for being so unusually truthful today. It was all her fault. This Alice… she really had a talent for catching him off guard!

Photograph from the series Mad Bunny by Yves Lecoq

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