Poetic Exploration of the Heart

Telling From My Point of View

Telling From My Point of View


As she was leaving,
he was grieving.
Maybe she was blind,
but he had a lot on his mind,
too much to leave behind.
He had his suspicion
about this decision,
suddenly he wasn’t sure
if his love was pure.

With all that doubt
he began to shout,
the beast woke up
and they broke up.
When they see me they say
I’m sweet and nice,
easy going, at least.
Little do they know
that behind it all,
there’s a terrible beast.

The beast keeps quiet like a snake,
ready to overtake,
waiting for me to shake,
a bad choice to make,
a couple of balls to fake…

For God’s sake,
Cook him a steak!
Bake him a cake!
Dig him a rake!

Shhh! He’ll wake
and never ever
give me a break!

To kill the beast,
I would go east,
I’d see a priest,
say a prayer
at least!

Can’t you all see
I’d turn into a bee
or become a tree
to finally be me!

Make him a tea!
Drown him at sea!
Set yourself free!


While he was fighting
the beast,
and he was –
to say the least,
she wasn’t despairing
but was preparing
to slow down her pace,
and end this chase.
With all of her grace
to melt in his embrace
and caress his face…

Now he’s a bum,
but a day will come
when he’d finally see
that they are to be.

So came the day
and she was on her way,
with all at stake
she could not fake,
she had to take
this fine chance
to know romance.

But when they met
nothing was set.
Was the magic gone
and what went on
we never knew.
Let them tell you!

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